Comcast is offering its customers revamped self-install kits that will let them control when they activate their voice, video or data services.

In what it claims is a "first-of-its-kind" offering, Comcast's Xfinity Triple Play Self-Install Kit lets customers install and activate their Xfinity TV, voice and Internet services online and at their convenience.

The Xfinity Triple Play Self-Install Kit includes a digital set-top box/digital transport adapter, remote control, a high-speed Internet and digital voice modem. Each component is packaged with step-by-step instructions printed on the inside of the box lids with clearly labeled, color-coded pieces of equipment and cables neatly arranged in "a place for everything" accessory tray.

Comcast's Xfinity Triple Play Self-Install KitOnce all of the equipment is sorted out and in the right place, customers can follow instructions for activating their services online through a Comcast Web site.

"We live in an on-demand world where people want quick and easy access to the things that are important to them, and our new self-install kits give customers the ability to install their services anytime and at their convenience, without having to even call us," said Rick Germano, senior vice president of customer operations for Comcast Cable. "Making the self-installation experience better and easier is one of several investments to improve the service and support we offer our customers."

Comcast developed the self-install kits by working with "frog design," which was the same company Cox Communications collaborated with on a new user interface.

The frog design team reviewed Comcast's existing kits and developed several concepts that were shared and tested with customers for feedback, before recommending the concept adopted by Comcast.

"We collaborated closely with Comcast in a design process that focused on how customers could smoothly and easily begin using TV, voice and Internet services out of the box. The result is a truly user-friendly self-install kit," said Jonas Damon, creative director, of frog design. "After all, first impressions are important and resonant with consumers. Unboxing sets the tone for the rest of the product experience and the ongoing relationship between the customer and the company."

The self-install kids can be ordered from Comcast's Website or by phone, and will soon be available at local Comcast service centers for pick-up.