Verivue has devised a content delivery network (CDN) system designed to support the playout of all types of media in an existing network, while minimizing duplication in infrastructure.

Verivue's new OneVantage is a suite of CDN software elements that enable network operators to deploy new CDN services without having to develop a custom solution. Operators can use the system to support playout of content, but all the elements are included to build a CDN system that an operator can use for both retail and wholesale services, including a range of cloud services.

OneVantage leverages technology from the company's acquisition of CoBlitz at the end of last year. The system includes a high-performance cache, a request router for dynamic cache selection, and management and analytics tools.

The company said OneVantage users will be able to deploy one infrastructure in support of a wide range of services and content, from live and on-demand streaming video – including over-the-top (OTT) video – to conventional HTML, thumbnail images, JavaScript, and other small objects found on e-commerce and social networking websites.

Legacy video and OTT can be blended into a seamless user experience.

Caching at the network edge can replicate rich media content, helping network operators manage increases in OTT traffic volume.

When embedded into a mobile network, access to popular content is moved closer to the subscriber, improving utilization of existing network resources while providing improved quality customer experience, the company said.

Cloud edge optimization: By integrating a CDN into the front end of a cloud service offering, operators can offer their customers a superior service experience that alters the competitive landscape.

These solutions reflect Verivue's vision of a rapidly shifting market where dramatic increases in Internet traffic volume have created a pressing need for new business models, the company said. In this environment, CDNs offer a strategic opportunity for network operators to insert themselves into the content value chain.

At the same time, Verivue said Telekomunikacja Polska has deployed OneVantage to build a nationwide CDN in Poland.

The initial CDN service rollout featured live streaming of several major events across Poland. TP Group, a parent of Telekomunikacja Polska, is leveraging the same CDN infrastructure to offer scalable, low-cost delivery services to Poland's largest content providers. 

"Leveraging Verivue's CDN infrastructure enables us to offer new and enhanced services to a wide base of customers hungry for premium content," said Wojciech Jabczy?ski, spokesperson for TP Group. "We expect our investment in Verivue to provide us with new revenue opportunities while at the same time maximizing the customer experience."

"Verivue is committed to working with innovative service providers like TP Group to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the exploding demand for online content," said Jim Dolce, CEO of Verivue. "We will continue to work to create compelling solutions that enable new business models supported by a CDN infrastructure and optimized for large-scale content delivery across multiple networks."