The SCTE has invited a prominent e-learning expert to join a panel of cable industry execs who specialize in e-learning at the Society's Chapter Leadership Conference next week.

Allison Rossett, professor of educational technology at San Diego State University, will keynote the event with a presentation entitled "What is e-learning practice today and what will it become?"

Rossett will also moderate a panel on learning and e-learning trends and the ability of SCTE chapters to team with local operators for technical training.

Panelists will include Pat Crull, vice president and chief learning officer at Time Warner Cable; Martha Soehren, senior vice president and chief learning officer at Comcast Cable Communications; and Milynda Weis, director of technical training for Suddenlink Communications.

"Cable system operators today are seeking to cost-effectively provide more education than ever in environments that minimize employees' learning-related absences," said Daniel Howard, CTO of the SCTE. "As an expert on e-learning, Allison Rossett is uniquely able to offer insights on the Web-based tools that can be harnessed to advance the industry's knowledge base while maintaining high standards of productivity."

"E-learning allows knowledge to be transferred at the moment of need, to the time and place where it will have the most impact – in virtual classroom settings, during preparation, or even when an engineer requires support in the field," said Rossett.

"Using the power of the Web or via a smartphone, SCTE, its chapters and the cable industry in general can provide the resources, education and information that technical and operations personnel need to do their jobs better and more efficiently," she added.

Rossett has worked with Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Motorola and others and has served on advisory boards for IBM, Eli Lilly and other firms. She is the author of "First Things Fast: A Handbook for Performance Analysis" and an accompanying Web tool, for which she won the International Society for Performance Improvement's Instructional Communications award in 1999.

The SCTE Chapter Leadership Conference is being held April 13-14 in Tampa.