Insight Communications has followed through on its promise to offer a whole-home DVR service to its subscribers.

Insight CEO Michael Willner said on his blog yesterday that the service was now available across the company's entire footprint. Willner had previously posted that the cable operator's multi-room DVR service would be available soon during updates on the company's increased HD offerings.

The whole-home DVR service and additional HD offerings were made possible through bandwidth that was freed up during Insight's "Digital 6.10 Upgrade" project last year.

"This is yet another big step toward delivering the most advanced, reliable technology to Insight customers," Willner wrote in his blog. "We're committed to keeping our customers on the cutting edge, and I look forward to making even more product announcements in the very near future."

The whole-home service uses Pace's Denali boxes, which include network-attached storage. Sunflower Broadband deployed Pace's multi-room DVR technology a few years ago.

Using three receivers, Insight's service is able to record six shows at once, as well as stop a recording in one room and resume playback from the same spot in another room.

Recordings can also be watched on multiple TVs at the same time, while being controlled separately. Insight is using MoCA 1.1 to send the content around a customer's home.

Insight is charging $10 a month for the service, as well as an additional $7 per box.