Optimum Lightpath, a division of Cablevision, has lured another customer away from Verizon thanks to its fiber-optic network.

Horizon Health Center switched to Optimum Lightpath for its voice and data service needs after it said Verizon's copper-based network was too slow.

"Our network was extremely slow, dropping calls, had difficulty remaining stable and was becoming very complex to manage," said Arlene Simon, chief information officer of Horizon Health Center. "It was not an option to let our spotty telecommunication services continue to negatively impact our ability to serve patients. A change had to be made."

Horizon Health Center operates three facilities throughout Hudson County in New York, offering a broad range of services and programs. Its patient visits had grown to 72,000 annually, supported by more than 150 employees and 20 physicians.

To remedy its problems, Horizon Health Center consolidated all of its voice and data services with Optimum Lightpath, boosting its bandwidth from 5 Mbps to 100 Mbps in the process on Optimum Lightpath's fiber-optic network. Optimum Lightpath said the upgrade to the faster network and its hosted voice service resulted in cost savings and full cost predictability due to flat-rate pricing.

Following the upgrade, Horizon Health Center said it could access and move data in real time, easily communicate across its three facilities, simply manage changes to its voice system via a Web-based control panel, and more quickly share information with health information exchange sites.

Optimum Lightpath said it currently works with 70 percent of the hospitals and hospital systems based in its New York metro-area footprint.