DirecTV has picked NDS to support its addressable advertising efforts on its DVRs.

DirecTV will launch an addressable advertising campaign in the latter part of this year that will start with HD DVRs before eventually scaling to nearly10 million households. NDS will have a role in the rollout of addressable ads in DirecTV's HD and SD boxes.

In order to reap new ad revenues, DirecTV is installing components of the NDS Dynamic suite of advanced advertising solutions, including local DVR video ad insertion and advertising audience measurement capabilities. The end result will enable addressable ads in both live and recorded video content on customers' DVR hard drives.

The existing audience measurement capabilities provided by NDS Dynamic will also extend into the addressable ad campaign for DVRs. NDS said the information gained from audience measurement would be used to support the revenue-generating potential of addressable advertising on the DirecTV platform with the ability to garner feedback on the ads that have been viewed.

Last week, NDS and DirecTV announced they had added five years to their agreement that covers the satellite provider's use of NDS' set top-box software and DVR technology. DirecTV has used NDS' conditional access offering since 1994.

"NDS technologies are an important part of our ad insertion project, leveraging DVRs to deliver addressable ads to the households advertisers really want to reach – enabling them to better access their target audiences and providing a more valuable platform for ad delivery," said Romulo Pontual, chief technology officer at DirecTV. "NDS has been our trusted technology partner for over 16 years, and we have successfully deployed and implemented a variety of NDS' next-generation interactive applications. This announcement is a natural evolution in our work together."

NDS is also working with BSkyB on its AdSmart project.

In other NDS Group news, yesterday its Jungo division announced the availability of a new remote management system for DSL, cable and fiber service providers. Jungo's Panorama is a troubleshooting and monitoring tool that gives service providers the ability to manage and provide support to their services all the way down to a single device level.