Today, Comcast announced a new update to the Apple iOS Xfinity TV app that delivers more functionality and personalization by helping subscribers sort through the various content choices.

Comcast first released the iPad app, which functions as a TV remote control, as well as streams on-demand content, in November. Since then, it has added an app for Android devices, which was updated last month.

iOS Xfinity TV AppAccording to a blog this morning by Piers Lingle, chief product officer for Comcast Interactive Media, the free update lets subscribers customize their TV listings by setting up favorite channels by tapping on a "heart" icon, which is the same format as customers using their remote controls for Comcast's digital TV service.

Subscribers can also choose to only display their favorite channels when they're looking for something to watch.

"A neat aspect of this feature is that the favorites you set up on the Xfinity TV app will also be selected as your favorites on our online entertainment website,, and it works the other way around, too," Lingle wrote.

The update, which Lingle said was based on users' feedback, also features a new channel keypad and the ability to jump ahead to specific dates in TV listings. Customers with iPhones can also flip through previous channels, which was a feature that used to be only available on iPads.

Lingle also wrote that Comcast was working on more free "Play Now" movies and shows that should be available in the coming weeks. The Play Now content will include current season and catch-up content.

Comcast's Web services platform allows the cable operator to be more nimble on its feet when it comes to developing new apps, as opposed to the long cycle of development that is needed for set-top boxes.

The latest version of Comcast's Xfinity TV app is available for downloading from Apple's iTunes store. Comcast has previously said it will offer live TV on the iPad before the end of the year.