Today, Rovi launched a free iPad application that allows users to browse their local TV listings.

The app, which is called "Rovi What's on TV," provides mobile TV listings in a magazine-style layout for a 24-hour period. Rovi What's On TV uses TV metadata, available through APIs in the Rovi Media Cloud, to enable users to find detailed information and images from their favorite shows, movies and celebrities.

The app, which is available for downloading from the iTunes store, also lets users share what they're viewing with friends through Twitter and e-mail.

Rovi What's On TV allows users to enter their ZIP code and service provider name to find out what's airing locally.

With this app, users can:

  • Browse TV listings by time, channel or show lineup
  • Find similar shows from within the show detail page
  • View detailed cast and celebrity pages
  • See what's on TV and find when searched-for shows are airing within the next 24 hours

"With an enhanced visual experience and ability to engage with friends and family, the Rovi What's On TV app is intended to further connect people through a shared love of entertainment," said Corey Ferengul, executive vice president of product management and marketing at Rovi Corp.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month, Rovi launched the Rovi Media Cloud, which is a suite of entertainment Web services designed to enable the rapid creation of innovative new products, services and applications for the connected consumer. 

Rovi said that the What's On TV app demonstrated how service providers and consumer electronics manufacturers could use Rovi Media Cloud to develop tools that deliver unique entertainment experiences to their customers.