Netgear introduced new customer premises equipment (CPE) for service providers, with some models specifically for cable operators and others aimed at mobile telephony and gateway applications.

For cable, the company introduced DOCSIS 3.0 dual-band Wi-Fi gateway (CG3202) designed with real time applications in mind, both residential and commercial. The model was designed for customers with multiple computers and multiple applications, including video, audio, voice and online gaming. The product is also available in EuroDOCSIS 3.0.  

Netgear also introduced an OSGi-enabled dual WAN gateway it says can be used in DSL, FTTH or DOCSIS networks. The system features Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi Dual Band, as well as a CAT-iq DECT base station and wired VoIP lines (offering 6 x 6 IP-PBX functionality), making it applicable in both residential and small business applications. The VEVG3700 gateway is also a DLNA/UPnP server so it can access digital media content that is stored on an attached USB device or devices on the LAN.

An expanded version of the gateway just described is called the Digital Home Hub. The DHH1000 has all the same features as the VEVG3700, but includes ADSL-2+ WAN.

As a complement to the gateways, Netgear introduced a cordless 1.8/1.9GHz DECT handset and base station. The latter has an LCD display and delivers multiple calling features, and co-exists with Wi-Fi, according to Netgear.

For mobile broadband, Netgear introduced a router with both 3G/4G and Ethernet WAN designed for remote locations and nomadic usage, inasmuch as it serves as a Wi-Fi Internet hotspot. That it provides dual WAN, with HSPA+/LTE and wired Broadband operating in fail-over, makes it appropriate for business applications, the company said. Furthermore, because it is mobile, it can be used while in transit, such as on trains, buses and boats and in IP-enabled fleet management applications.

Today, Netgear is also introducing the first products in its interactive home security solution that enable service providers to offer an expanded portfolio of IP based home security services. The new security solution can generate significant new revenue from service providers' existing customers. The new solution is powered by iControl software, which can be loaded to existing security controllers.

Netgear's new IP home security products include: The Android based Home Security Screen (HSS101), used to view surveillance video, control lighting and HVAC as well as see live traffic, weather and news; an IP camera (HSC101) with night vision and motion detection for video surveillance; a wireless range extender (WN2000RPT) to bridge the Wi-Fi signal between outside IP cameras and screens to the existing home network.

The company also introduced a set of home networking products for the consumer market, including a set of routers and gateways, combining various wired and wireless means of connectivity. Some have attached storage. A management application is available.