Insight Communications has chosen Arris' network management software for its DOCSIS network.

The Arris ServAssure Advanced Performance Management software monitors and analyzes network performance. The aim is to identify and fix problems rapidly, sometimes before customers even notice there is a problem.

The vendor claims that MSOs can gain as much as 50 to 80 percent reductions in new trouble calls when using its tools, and 40 to 65 percent reductions in repeat trouble calls.

Ishmel Goodrum, Insight's senior vice president of network operations, said: "We compared the network and service assurance solutions that are currently available and chose Arris ServAssure Advanced because it offers comprehensive assurance features in a modular offering. We can deploy ServAssure Advanced across our organization, adding consistency, flexibility and efficiencies to our network operations."

Insight Communications will also deploy Arris HouseCheck, which automatically collects device and network performance data associated with the specific service at the time of installation. The data, displayed on a standard handheld device, can be used to help verify the installation.

HouseCheck forwards and stores the data for ongoing access by customer service representatives, dispatchers, engineers and the network operations centers.

HouseCheck is available to customers who have deployed both ServAssure Advanced and Arris WorkAssure Workforce Automation.

Insight Communications is the ninth-largest cable operator in the United States, with approximately 766,200 customer relationships in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.