Bright House Networks is offering a multi-room DVR service in its Tampa Bay market, with another rollout slated for its Central Florida system later this month.

Bright House Networks' whole-home DVR service, which is called "Whole House DVR," started out with a soft launch in Tampa Bay, but the company's Website is allowing customers to pre-register for the DVRs and HD DVRs. The service costs an additional $20 per month.

Bright House Networks' Whole House DVR lets users record programs in one room and watch them on any television throughout their home that has a Whole House converter. Customers will be able to start watching a program in one room and finish in another.

"With Bright House Networks' new Whole House DVR, customers now have additional flexibility when watching their favorite recorded programs," said Kevin Hyman, Bright House Networks' executive vice president for cable operations. "Whole House DVR provides one more way that Bright House Networks puts its customers in charge of their content, anytime, anywhere."

According to a Bright House Networks spokeswoman, Bright House is using DVR set-top boxes from Cisco and Samsung with 500 GB of storage on the hard drives. Like a lot of other cable operators that are offering a multi-room DVR service, Bright House is using MoCA to connect the boxes.

Bright House Networks is currently using MoCA 1.1 but plans on moving to MoCA 2.0 over the next year.

Bright House Networks competes against Verizon, which also has a multi-room DVR service in Florida.

Toward the end of last year, Bright House Networks launched its Look Back service in Central Florida and Tampa Bay and a wireless remote DVR manager service.