Videotron recently added more movies, TV shows and series to its illico Web portal that launched this past summer.

With the new additions, Videotron said its TV Everywhere Web portal has more than 3,000 titles, with more to come over the next few weeks.

Current movies that are now available on illico web in English and French include international “Twilight: Hesitation,” “Grown Ups,” and “Eat, Pray, Love.”

Users will also be able to watch TV shows such as “Hawaii 5.0” and “Hero Corp” in French, and “Medium,” “Numb3rs” and “Prime Suspect” in English.

Since its launch in June , Videotron said that its customers have logged more than 9 million listening and viewing minutes on the Web portal.

As of last week, Videotron customers can now order paid content from the Web portal that mirrors its illico on-demand offerings. Customers log in with the same user name and password they use for Videotron’s secure Customer Centre, and the cost of the rental is added to their monthly bill.

“Our customers can now watch a large number of films and TV shows on their television sets, computers or mobiles,” said Myrianne Collin, vice president, marketing, consumer division, of Videotron. “Delivering content on three screens is consistent with the Videotron vision of enabling customers to enjoy entertainment content where they want, when they want, in a user-friendly, intuitive environment.”

Videotron is using Vantrix  to provision its Web TV and mobile TV applications.

Since the initial launch, Videotron has added new functions such as the ability to pause and resume play and memorize favorites. Videotron’s subscribers have used the remote DVR programming functionality more than 200,000 times since the Web portal made its debut.