After a trial run in Charlotte this summer, Time Warner Cable officially launched its SignatureHome service today.

SignatureHome is Time Warner Cable's premium service offering that is based on the company's triple-play services. It's also part of Time Warner Cable's segmentation strategy, which includes SignatureHome on the upper end and the recently announced TV Essentials on the lower end.

Time Warner Cable is charging $39.99 per month in its New York City trial of TV Essentials, while customers in Ohio are paying $29.99 per month. The nation's second-largest cable operator has priced Signature Home at 199.99 per month in New York City – where Time Warner Cable competes with Verizon – and $179.99 in Charlotte.

SignatureHome includes Look Back, Start Over and a whole-home DVR offering, which allows subscribers to watch a show in one room and then pick it up where it was left off in another room.

The SignatureHome DVRs can record up to four HD programs simultaneously and store 150 hours of HD content. A spokeswoman for Time Warner Cable recently said the company was using DVRs and set-top boxes from Samsung, Motorola and Cisco.

On the wireless side of the service, Time Warner Cable will hook up to 14 devices, including TVs, DVRs, computers, printers, stereos, game systems and mobile phones, to the wireless network that it installs.

The service also comes with Caller ID on TV and Caller ID on PC. Time Warner Cable's "VoiceZone" lets subscribers manage their digital home phones from any computer, while another feature sends voicemail to e-mail if a subscriber is away from home.

In today's press release, Time Warner Cable touted its "SignatureService agents, including both Personal Solutions Advisors (PSAs) and Connections Specialists." The PSAs, who can be reached via a dedicated SignatureHome phone line or priority online chat, will field all SignatureHome customer inquiries, work with customers to customize their connectivity needs and schedule a reservation with a Connections Specialist.

The Connection Specialist techs install the services and equipment in customers' homes and insure that there's connectivity between the devices and services.

While Time Warner Cable said SignatureHome was now available nationwide, today's press release said it was "being rolled out nationwide in December in areas that have the capability to launch whole-house DVR."

Since SignatureHome requires DOCSIS 3.0 on the data side and VoiceZone, here's a look at where the service will likely become available this month.

Time Warner Cable didn't provide any additional information on the service by deadline this morning.