Cox Communications started offering its DOCSIS 3.0 data tier in the Tulsa, Okla., area earlier this week.

Cox's Ultimate Internet tier bonds four downstream channels to reach speeds of up to 50 Mbps, while the un-bonded upstream speed is 5 Mbps. Like it has done in other markets, Cox is also offering its free PowerBoost feature, which can temporarily increase download speeds to up to 55 Mbps when extra capacity in the network becomes available.

Cox's DOCSIS 3.0 tier pricing varies by market, but the retail rate in Tulsa is $99.99 per month, while the DOCSIS 3.0 modems cost $80.

Cox Business Internet Ultra, which also features speeds of 50/5, is also now available in the Tulsa area.

Cox also launched its premium Plus Package tier, which includes whole-home DVR and the tru2way-enabled Trio guide, in Tulsa last month.

In addition to Tulsa, Cox 's Ultimate Internet has also been deployed in the following systems: Idaho; Nevada; Ohio; Rhode Island; northern Virginia; Hampton Roads, Va.; Omaha, Neb.; the Kansas and Arkansas areas; the Scottsdale, Ariz., area; Orange County, Santa Barbara and Palos Verdes, Calif.; and the Lafayette and Gonzales, La., areas.

In previous rollouts, Cox has used DOCSIS 3.0 gear from Cisco, including Cisco's uBR10012 cable modem termination system and the company's DPC3000 cable modem, but Cox has also qualified modems from Motorola.

A spokesman for Cox said this morning that the cable operator was on track to have DOCSIS 3.0 deployed in more than two-thirds of its systems across the country by the end of this year.