Cox Business, the commercial services division of Cox Communications, is offering more IT bells and whistles for small- to medium-size businesses through new managed services offerings.

The new managed services capabilities include online backup, security and e-mail.

"Defending corporate data is a greater challenge for small and medium businesses with limited IT staffs and budgets," said Kristine Faulkner, vice president of product development and management at Cox Business. "Cox Business Internet's new features help customers manage critical information and mitigate data-compromising events."

Cox Business has been at the forefront of managed service offerings. It launched its Cox Business Online Backup and Cox Business Security Suite offerings across all of its markets earlier this year.

Cox said this morning that both services were recently enhanced to address the growing data management requirements among customers, and the Cox Business Internet e-mail platform was also upgraded to provide more business features.

Online Backup provides offsite management data storage through a partnership with Mozy. The storage amount for Cox Business Internet customers increased to 25 GB with 15 Mbps service and faster, or 10 GB with slower speeds. More storage capacity can be purchased for customers with greater needs.

The company's Security Suite is powered by McAfee SAAS security technology and safeguards business software and data from online threats.

The recent service enhancements include:

  • Upgraded firewall, anti-virus
  • Administrator scheduling – Ability to select time/day for multiple PC upgrades
  • Multi-browser support – Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • 25 PC licenses with 15 Mbps service and faster, 10 PC licenses with slower speeds and additional licenses available for a fee. 

Cox Business' e-mail includes the option to block e-mail addresses or entire domains to reduce space, and it also allows access from mobile devices and stronger password requirements.