Canoe Ventures is expanding its charter beyond interactive advertising to move firmly into t-commerce. Canoe announced partnerships with (alphabetically) Catalina Marketing, Delivery Agent, FourthWall Media, icueTV and PayPal.

Canoe wants to expand its universe of partners, as well; those five companies are merely the first five members that have joined Canoe's new Collaborative Innovation Program. Canoe declared CIP open to all comers.

Canoe had earlier established its Innovation Lab. The Lab is now formally part of CIP; participants in the program will become members of the Lab. Participants aim to identify and evaluate new market, business and product opportunities in the areas of interactive television, video-on-demand and addressable advertising, Canoe said.

"Through collaborative programs such as CIP and Innovation Lab, we are pushing technologies ahead with collective intelligence gathering and sharing versus going it alone," added Arthur Orduna, Canoe's CTO.

"We are eager to expand our relationships across the television ecosystem to drive forward on several iTV fronts, including RFI and t-commerce," explained Jim Turner, senior vice president of product management at Canoe Ventures.

PayPal is well known as a t-commerce facilitator, with a successful system handling payments for online commerce. IcueTV specializes in t-commerce fulfillment systems. Delivery Agent's specialty is tying t-commerce applications across the Web, mobile and interactive TV platforms.

Catalina specializes in behavioral advertising; the company has had great success using coupons to attract and retain customers. Several MSOs have been experimenting with offering coupons; Cablevision at the recent CTAM Summit reported great success with such programs.

FourthWall specializes in EBIF-based interactive advertising. The company has been a frequent collaborator with Canoe and several key vendors in the cable market.

"This is a call to action for the entire marketplace: We are open and committed to working with others who can help bring the promise of advanced television to life for networks, marketers, agencies and consumers alike," said Kathy Timko, COO of Canoe Ventures.