Thanks to a new offering by Time Warner Cable Business Class, hotels in North and South Carolina can serve up HD programming to their guests without investing in headend equipment.

Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC), which is the business services division of Time Warner Cable, today announced the availability of its HD Video for Hospitality service in the Carolinas.

Using encryption standards compatible with LodgeNet, HD Video for Hospitality connects directly with in-room HDTVs, without the need for set-top boxes. The service offers a variety of news, sports, entertainment, family, music and premium HD programming over Time Warner Cable's fiber-optic network.

With the service, hotels can choose optional premium services, as well as insert their own local guest channels.

"Hotel managers are constantly looking for ways to operate more efficiently, while differentiating themselves in a highly competitive industry. Time Warner Cable's HD Video for Hospitality enables them to offer their guests an extraordinary television experience," said Maureen Rooney, regional vice president of commercial services for TWCBC. "Cable television service is part of our heritage, and it is only natural that we leverage that expertise to offer a superior, cost-effective high-definition solution."

TWCBC said its launch of the service was the result of a significant need from the hospitality industry to be able to provide guests with more HD content and flat-screen televisions to adhere to the revised AAA rating system. More than 250 hotels in the Carolinas need to install HD offerings by March, according to TWCBC.

To date, more than 30 hotels in the Carolinas have deployed the service from TWCBC.

TWCBC launched HD Video for Hospitality in upstate New York and in New England last month.