After using Varolii's automated customer collection system in several regions, Time Warner Cable has signed a companywide master services agreement with the company.

Time Warner Cable, the nation's second-largest cable operator, has been using Varolii since 2005 in its Los Angeles and Carolina regions to proactively call delinquent customers to remind them of missed payments and give them the opportunity to transfer to a customer representative.

Before switching to Varolii, the regions were using predictive dialers and contact center agents to reach customers who had missed their payments. Recognizing how costly and inefficient these methods were, both regions decided they needed a smarter system for reaching more customers without adding resources or overhead costs.

"We have grown to view Varolii as a strategic partner," said Mark Boehler, director of digital phone security and fraud management at Time Warner Cable. "The outstanding success we've seen in Los Angeles is just one example of how we can reduce costs and collect more in an economy that is slowly but surely picking up steam."

Time Warner Cable also recently added kids' network Kabillion to its digital channel lineup.

"With an established presence on Comcast, the nation's largest cable provider, and our expansion on Time Warner Cable, Kabillion is satisfying the growing demographic of time-shifted viewers," said Nicolas Atlan, president of Kabillion and executive chairman of Moonscoop USA. "We plan to build on our existing Kabillion platform with high-definition and an expanded programming schedule including retro and current brands, as well as quality original kids programming."

The Kabillion platform, which launched in January 2007, offers animated and live-action kids' series entertainment, games, music and chat and is available for free on-demand and on an online broadband site.