SeaChange AdrenalinSeaChange International has taken the wraps off of its Adrenalin back office software that was designed to aid cable operators in delivering video content to multiple screens.

Cable operators are keenly aware that their subscribers are clamoring for delivery of video to multiple screens, including TVs, PCs and mobile devices, but they're sorting out their migration paths. SeaChange President Yvette Kanouff described the Adrenalin back office software as a bridge to multi-screen delivery that also supports the legacy set-top boxes that are already deployed.

The Adrenalin software release was designed to transform SeaChange's Axiom On Demand back office with a service-oriented architecture (SOA) for multi-screen video delivery, multiple DRM support, and monetization through linear and on-demand ad offerings.

"There are three main things that we have to do here," Kanouff said. "One is we have to offer our customers the ability to have multi-screen and the best use of Web technologies. We have to be able to give our customers the ability to be nimble and launch applications quickly, and the third one is to provide a reasonable migration path. Adrenalin is the bridge to the next generation."

Adrenalin leverages Web-centric and IP technologies to create the multi-screen back office system. Kanouff said cable operators don't need to do a forklift of their current technologies to use Adrenalin; they can proceed at their own pace by implementing different components if they choose to.

SeaChange Adrenalin Diagram

"We have a lot of different components," Kanouff said. "We have Axiom, which is our current back office product. We have the eventIS group in Europe that has significant deployments and expertise with different partners and open systems throughout Europe, and then Mobix from the mobile environment. We also have VividLogic, which is doing all the enablement of the Web technologies for the next generation of home gateway and tru2sat set-top boxes so you can easily launch Web-centric apps on a set-top box.

"Adrenalin is a culmination of all of these different resources, and it's been a plan for years to get there."

Adrenalin also includes business applications such as an offer manager to execute multi-screen promotions; content management (publishing, asset management, session and resource management for on-demand and broadcast to all screens); Web-based management and monitoring; and advanced client publishers that support third-party search, recommendation and t-commerce applications.

Adrenalin's first release for SeaChange Axiom on Demand software upgrade customers is scheduled for early next year.