SeaChange International said it is integrating its Watch & Buy video-on-demand e-commerce application with icueTV, which builds interactive applications for cable and satellite television companies.

Neither company offered any information about specific customers. IcueTV has an ongoing relationship, providing what it calls t-commerce (television commerce) applications to the Comcast Media Center and its Hits AxIS (Advanced Interactive Services).

The integration of the SeaChange and icueTV products will allow cable operators to give consumers the immediate ability to purchase movies and related merchandise, the two said.

SeaChange Watch & Buy Interface

Watch & Buy includes a lightweight set-top application, user interface customization and fully managed back-end order fulfillment.

A DVD symbol appearing next to select titles in an operator's VOD library alerts subscribers that the title is also available for purchase as a DVD or download. Subscribers may be presented with the opportunity to order DVDs in different formats, such as Blu-Ray, or could even receive an offer to purchase an entire television series on DVD after viewing a single VOD episode. Digital versions can be downloaded to a personal computer or mobile device.

"The integration between SeaChange and icueTV opens the way for television operators to launch TV commerce by directly integrating a fulfillment solution with our VODlink applications platform, which is already deployed in millions of homes around the world," said Anthony Landamia, general manager of advanced applications at SeaChange.

"Activating this new service is a simple, transparent upgrade to the latest VODlink release," Landamia continued, "allowing MSOs access to immediate, upside revenue opportunities. Watch & Buy is a free upgrade for SeaChange's active VODlink customers and will extend t-commerce capabilities beyond the set-top box and across mobile and PC devices in the very near future."

Last year, iCueTV and itaas demonstrated the first fully operational, live t-commerce application at The Cable Show in Washington, D.C.