Maxxian has introduced a product that manages the shutdown of unauthorized cable modems.

The new capability is an add-on to the company's CounterStryx Operations Center, which allows operators to identify set-top boxes that should have been shut down but weren't, as well as unauthorized set-tops on the network.

The Tracker process integrates management of unauthorized set-top shutdowns, providing load management, false-positive elimination, daily data refresh and automated verification of the shutdown results. Its most critical feature for cable operators is the tracking of the bottom-line result – the number of devices returned to paying accounts following the shutdown process.

The new CounterStryx Tracker for cable modems integrates cable modem information at the account level with the Maxxian set-top display.

Like Maxxian's CounterStryx Operations Center and its Tracker feature for set-tops, the cable modem option re-audits the system daily, the company said.

"Our daily audit and post-shutdown tracking process applies the same rigor as our audit, using multi-day checks of data volumes to eliminate false-positives and ensure the unit has been properly disabled," said RJ Juneau, CTO of Maxxian.

In the product's first production implementation, approximately 40 percent of the disabled units have returned to paying accounts to date, the company reported.

"The number is still growing, and the units come back to paying status faster than the set-tops we have shut down," said Juneau. "A possible reason is that users are more dependent on their Internet connections than on their TV."