InnoTrans Communications has introduced an adjunct to its optical networking system, a chassis that holds up to four modules, each of which combines both RF and optical interfaces, the better to alleviate – if not eliminate – optical bottlenecks.

InnoTrans'new Transcend Platform is a single-rack-unit (RU) chassis. The rear-facing modules include an InfiniQAM Narrowcast transmitter, which can support link distances of 100 km (approximately 62 miles), with a full complement of QAM channels from 50 MHz to 1 GHz. It is available in multiple variants for RFoG and DWDM applications.

The Transcend Platform complements the company's Chromadigm 1550 DWDM solutions, which can be initially deployed for node splitting and fiber reclamation and then convert to a Fiber Deep or RFoG solution without taking down the existing network, the company says, even momentarily.

Mani Ramachandran, InnoTrans'CEO, said the Chromadigm solution "provides operators the ability to do full eight-way node segmentation in both forward and reverse directions on one fiber, for distances up to 36 kilometers. The new Transcend Platform will eliminate the optical bottleneck that cable operators are experiencing."

Features of the Transcend Platform include:

  • InfiniQAM Transmitter – Full Band 1550nm ITU transmitter is available in 40 ITU channels and supports 50 MHz – 1 GHz of QAM-only loading.
  • EDFA Module – Offered with single, dual or four optical outputs with power up to 24 dBm.
  • Return Receiver Module – 5-42 MHz high-sensitivity optical return receiver for use as low as -26 dBm. Offered as single, dual or quad return receivers per module.
  • REM Transmitter Module – Optical ITU 1550 nm transmitter available in 40 ITU channels with 5-42 MHz frequency stacking. Configurable from a single 5-200 MHz return up to four 5-42 MHz returns.
  • REM Receiver Module – Optical receiver with 5-42 MHz frequency de-stacking. Configurable from a single 5-200 MHz return to up to four 5-42 MHz returns.
  • Optical Switch Module – Optical protection switch for a 2 x 1 configuration; four optical switches per chassis.
  • RF Switch Module – RF protection switch module for a 2 x 1 configuration; four RF switches per chassis.

InnoTrans Communications claims three of the top cable operators and several other service providers among its customers.

Separately, the company has hired Tim Holzer as its new national accounts director. Holzer joined InnoTrans from Aurora Networks. In his new position, Holzer will be responsible for sales for Tier I and II MSOs in North America.

Holzer had been vice president of national accounts at Aurora. Prior to that, he was director of strategic business for OpVista.