Charter Communications has added Don Detampel to its executive team with his recent appointment as executive vice president and president of commercial services.

Charter, the nation's fourth-largest cable operator, is ramping up its commercial service offerings. This past summer, Charter Business launched a DOCSIS 3.0 tier for businesses. (For more on Charter's business services, view a recent CED wallchart.)

Don Detampel"Charter is in a strong, competitive position with significant opportunity in the commercial space," said Michael Lovett, Charter's president and CEO. "Under the leadership of senior vice president Jim McGann, we've generated significant growth in the business communications market, and Don's experience will further enhance our growth potential. His strong strategic planning abilities are complemented by equally strong financial, operational and technological innovation skills."

Charter said Detampel had previously worked with McGann.

"Don's 30-plus years of experience in telecommunications in the B2B space will serve Charter well as we move further up market. I look forward to working with him to take Charter's business services to the next level," McGann said.

Detampel joined Charter from New Global Telecom (NGT), where he served as executive chairman prior to Comcast's purchase of NGT earlier this year. NGT was a wholesale provider of VoIP services to non-traditional telephony providers.

During Detampel's three decades in hosting, telecommunications and network infrastructure, he has worked for Raindance Communications, OneSecure, ConferTech International, Schneider Communications and GlobalCenter.