TiVo has drawn a bead on the cable industry, and on that note it has added former RCN President and CEO Peter Aquino to its board of directors.

Aquino's selection to TiVo's board increases the membership to eight, including seven independent, outside directors. His was appointed to the board on Wednesday, and TiVo announced the news this morning.

While TiVo added a board member who is well versed in the cable industry, Aquino also has firsthand knowledge of the DVR pioneer. Last year, under Aquino's leadership, RCN became the first cable operator to choose TiVo as its primary provider of DVRs.

Since then, RCN has launched its TiVo Premiere service to its subscribers in Boston, New York City and Washington, D.C.

Aquino was president and CEO of RCN until it was purchased in August by Abry Partners for $1.5 billion. Under Aquino's leadership, RCN emerged from bankruptcy and reclaimed bandwidth through its "Analog Crush" all-digital conversion project.

"Peter's distinguished career in the cable and telecommunications industries is awash with accomplishments that are a testament to his visionary leadership and deep understanding of the increasingly important role technology has and will continue to play in how people consume television content," said Tom Rogers, CEO of TiVo. "Bringing someone with his level of knowledge and professional acumen to our board will undoubtedly help TiVo as we continue to execute our broader strategic growth plans, expand our global footprint through further deployment of our advanced television solutions and, once again, reinvent how consumers watch television."

Suddenlink Communications, Comcast and Cox Communications also have deals in place with TiVo.