Envivio said that with a new firmware upgrade, its video encoders will support all leading IPTV, mobile and Internet TV video formats.

The new 4Caster 2.3 release updates the company's 4Caster C4 family of three-screen video encoders. With the upgraded encoders, Envivio says, content and TV channel providers can deploy a single encoder to prepare a channel or content stream for simultaneous distribution to multiple service providers and a variety of delivery platforms.

The new 4Caster C4 firmware includes a native publishing interface for leading content delivery networks (CDNs) such as Akamai, Level 3 and Limelight, as well as integrated content protection via Playready and HLS encryption, with built-in key interfaces for major DRM platforms.

Envivio has extended the system's picture quality with added support for 1080p resolution video for Flash, PIFF and Apple HTTP Live Streaming.

Envivio has simultaneously improved its proprietary Extreme encoding technology to increase the efficiency and quality of the compression codec.

The company said its 4Caster version 2.3 for live applications and version 2.5, which will deliver the same feature set for offline file-to-file applications, are presently in beta testing and will be available for deployment in Q4 2010.

Separately, Envivio is collaborating with Edgeware and Verimatrix, demonstrating scalable video processing, distribution and content security for HTTP Live Streaming video services to multiple screens at IBC.

The combined system has already been selected by a leading global systems integrator that is combining its linear IPTV, time-shift TV and VOD architecture with the joint solution to enable operators to offer a true TV Everywhere service. The companies did not identify the customer.

The combined solution provides full adaptive streaming using the open HTTP Live Streaming standard, enabling dynamic delivery of higher or lower bit rates according to variable network conditions and device capabilities. It consists of Envivio's 4Caster C42 for high-quality multi-bit-rate video processing and encoding for content protection, Verimatrix's VCAS 3 system for conditional access and revenue security, and Edgeware's WTV servers for scalable distribution and delivery.