Cox Business has extended its carrier Ethernet services via a new connection with Cenx.

Cox Business, which is a division of Cox Communications, established an initial connection to Cenx's carrier Ethernet exchange in Los Angeles earlier this month.

Cox Business said the new relationship with Cenx created additional options for wholesale and retail customers to connect locations throughout Cox's network footprint. Because Cox has already established dedicated fiber links to Cenx, its customers can link to the Cox network without the cost and delay of establishing a dedicated interconnect.

Cox said the Cenx exchange also provided enhanced service level monitoring and increases performance visibility.

"Ethernet is the transport technology of choice for business and carrier organizations today," said Jay Clark, director of carrier product and sales operations, Cox Business. "Cox's membership in Cenx's Carrier Ethernet Exchange reduces the costs and complexity associated with dedicated interconnects and extends the reach of our vast metro networks to more customers."

Earlier this year, Vertical Systems Group ranked Cox Business as the nation's fourth-largest provider of business-class Ethernet services.

Optimum Lightpath, a division of Cablevision, announced this past summer that it had established a connection with Cenx's New York exchange.