After his last day on the job Monday, Gary Traver is no longer holding the reins at the Comcast Media Center in Denver.

A spokeswoman for Comcast said that Traver has left Comcast and the CMC. Traver was named as the CMC's senior vice president and chief operating officer in 2003, which were the titles he held up until Monday's departure.

Traver's abrupt exit was a mutual decision, according to the spokeswoman, and a transition plan is being implemented for Comcast Media Center employees and customers.

Gary TraverTraver started at the CMC in 2002 after the former AT&T facility, which was known as AT&T "Headend in the Sky" or "Hits," was sold to Comcast as part of its acquisition of AT&T Broadband's cable assets.

Prior to the CMC, Traver was vice president of broadcast and network operations for Primestar, as well as an executive at Skyband and Comsat Satellite Television.

The Comcast Media Center serves up on-demand and linear TV services to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cable operators, as well as video services to Comcast. The 305,000-square-foot Comcast Media Center also includes various video and audio production rooms and studios that are used to create and film TV shows, as well as monitoring services.

Traver was at the helm during many of the CMC's key initiatives, including its video-on-demand services, Hits Quantum and EBIF testing facility. (Some of the CMC's turnkey solutions for cable operators are illustrated in this CED wallchart.

Approximately 60 cable MSOs are using HD channels available through the CMC's Hits Quantum platform of linear digital video services.

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