Sonus Networks introduced a new product that cable operators can use to enable their VoIP subscribers to combine their existing phone line with up to five additional SIP-enabled devices, including 3G/Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones.

The capability, which Sonus is calling "Fixed – Smartphone Convergence," can now be enabled by the company's ASX Telephony Application Server.

Cable VoIP subscribers can receive or place calls using both their home telephone line (using NCS or SIP call control) and nearly any SIP-enabled device connected to the Internet.

All of the connected devices will ring simultaneously. It allows users to make and receive multiple calls concurrently, as well as allows calls to be transferred to other users.

"Cable operators are looking for ways to add more value for fixed line customers and also get more involved in offering mobile services," said Greg Zweig, director of access product management at Sonus Networks. "With Fixed – Smartphone Convergence powered by the ASX Telephony Application Server, we are giving cable operators a way to make a subscriber's home number more valuable and more convenient to access, anywhere in the world. The solution gives MSOs a compelling new offering that leverages the explosion in smart mobile phones and tablet computers."

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