Starting next month, Shaw Direct will be offering its subscribers the opportunity to buy or lease a new HD DVR.

Shaw Direct said customers could purchase its HDPVR 630, which is made by Motorola, for $399 or rent them for $15 a month. According to Shaw's website, the DVR allows users to record 200 hours of standard-definition programming or 50 hours of HD programming.

The Motorola HDPVR 630 combines an MPEG-4-capable digital receiver with a high-definition television decoder and personal video recording (PVR) functionality.

In addition to the standard audio and video ports, the HDPVR 630 includes component high-definition and HDMI outputs. The HDPVR 630 also includes a hard disk drive that allows users to record programs for later viewing, as well as pause and resume live programming.

The HDPVR 630 viewer menu system contains an onscreen program guide that provides extensive program information to help viewers find programming 14 days in advance.

Shaw Direct is a direct broadcast satellite television distributor that is majority-owned by Shaw Communications. Shaw Direct, which up until last year was known as Star Choice, serves more than 900,000 subscribers.

Shaw Direct said it would be launching a third satellite in 2012 that will provide additional HD and 3-D content to its subscribers.