The new version of Sandvine's traffic management system includes interoperability with DOCSIS 3.0-based equipment, new analysis options and new reporting tools.

Version 3.2 of Sandvine's Fairshare Traffic Management for fixed and mobile broadband providers includes:

  • Enhanced policy options that address and manage network resources based on application, subscriber, time of day and congestion awareness
  • Reporting tools that deliver detailed descriptions of policy actions, outcomes and impact
  • Customizable congestion management policies that operate only when and where they are needed

"Broadband connections are increasingly being managed to ensure that all users and applications receive a fair share of network resources," said Tom Donnelly, executive vice president of marketing and sales at Sandvine.

Sandvine's Fairshare Traffic Management solution was first launched in May 2008. The company said its product is operating in more than 30 service provider networks serving more than 90 million fixed and mobile subscribers worldwide. Almost half of Sandvine's Fairshare Traffic Management customers are mobile network operators.

This newest release, version 3.2, is in beta trials in four Tier 1 cable service provider networks in North America and Europe.

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