Building off its NBBS network management system, Motorola has updated and expanded its management platform to handle the growing universe of home networking standards and the devices that plug into those networks.

Motorola's Edge Service Assurance Software Suite can be used to activate, provision, maintain and support broadband services in homes with multiple TVs and multiple CPE devices attached to those TVs.

Motorola says using the system can simultaneous reduce operational costs and accelerate the introduction of new services.

The Edge Manager is the renamed NBBS, which integrates with OSS and billing systems. The platform supports TR-069, SNMP, OMA-DM,WIB, Telnet and HTTP DL Server protocols, thus providing visibility into a range of consumer equipment, including Motorola and third-party modems, gateways, set-tops and mobile devices.

The company says the Edge Manager can scale to support tens of millions of devices in a single instance or deployment.

Motorola has taken a modular approach to the entire system.

The Edge Manager can be expanded with the following add-ons:

  • Individual Protocol Packages: TR-069, SNMP and OMA-DM
  • DOCSIS 3.0 Speed Test: Available with select Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 CPE
  • WiMAX Management
  • HomeNet Gateway Management: Pre-built suite of diagnostics and use cases for remote management  of home gateways
  • Microsoft Mediaroom Set-top Management: For connection and management of proprietary Microsoft Mediaroom-enabled set-tops
  • Smartstream Terminal Data Collector: Complementary set-top diagnostic aggregation service
  • Voice Management: A pre-built suite of diagnostics and use cases for VoIP deployments
  • Mobile Management: Includes an integration management client for Android-based mobile devices

The Edge software suite also includes Motorola's eCare and MotoPlyr applications. Motorola eCare is a support center application that enables HelpDesk agents to have user-authorized remote access and/or remote control of customer desktops. eCare provides real-time diagnostics and delivery of scripts that can, with a push of a button, automatically reconfigure browser, e-mail or other settings.

Furthermore, Motorola's MotoPlry is a diagnostic application for IPTV set-tops—from both Motorola and select third-party vendors – that allows real-time self-diagnostics and reporting, the company explained.

"The evolution of the digital home is placing an increased support burden on service providers as consumers migrate to advanced gateways and multi-screen services," said Alan Lefkof, corporate vice president and general manager of software solutions for Motorola Mobility. "Integrated management processes and customer service experiences need not be cumbersome, even in today's multi-screen service environment. With our Edge Service Assurance Software Suite, we are giving broadband and video service operators the tools needed to better manage financial and operational resources and to ensure a positive user experience for their customers."