Cox Business is behind the nation's fastest supercomputer link for life sciences facilities.

The Cox Business light-speed computer connection, coupled with military-grade technology, powers Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) and moves data 100 times faster between TGen and Saguaro 2, Arizona State University's (ASU) supercomputer

The connection accelerates TGen's molecular research into diseases such as Alzheimer's, diabetes and many types of cancer, and the transfer and processing of data sets containing trillions of bits of DNA information that once took more than a week now takes just a few hours.

"The field of biomedical research presents one of the greatest opportunities in transferring massive amounts of data from point to point. Our Cox LightWave Service accomplishes this quickly, and with 100 percent security, over our wholly owned network. It's ideal for enterprises like TGen, ASU, and data centers that transmit and receive information in terabytes," said Hyman Sukiennik, vice president of Cox Business Arizona.

David Southwell, CTO of Obsidian Strategics, said: "Cox Business' LightWave Service, enhanced with a new technology designed for mission-critical military applications by Obsidian, achieves near-perfect utilization of a 10 Gb Ethernet connection by saturating the wavelength with a sustained flow of data, essentially filling the pipe, while at the same time encrypting the flow of information to ensure patient privacy."

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