Comcast has added more than 20 new Latino networks in the Philadelphia area and parts of New Jersey.

The new channels include Gran Cine, HTV Musica, La Familia, Mexicanal, TeleFormula and TVE. The networks are now being offered as part of Comcast's recently introduced MultiLatino tiers, which currently deliver a selection of up to 50 Hispanic channels to area customers, along with a choice of English networks, premium channels and video-on-demand. 

"Comcast is dedicated to providing our customers with programming that reflects their unique and diverse interests," said Amy Smith, regional senior vice president for Comcast. "As we continue to expand our multicultural lineup, we aim to provide our growing Hispanic audience with more choice and value, along with the programming that matters most to them." 

Comcast said it now offers a variety of MultiLatino packages to meet its customers' needs and budgets, including video-only options and triple-play packages that include data and voice services. 

In addition, MultiLatino customers have access to Comcast's signature on-demand service, which offers up to 25,000 entertainment programs each month (with the vast majority available at no additional cost) and boasts more than 250 choices of Hispanic on-demand programming, available to watch any time with the ability to pause, fast-forward and rewind.

Comcast said it has also increased its On Demand Dual Audio offering – English and Spanish – with a goal of offering most new major box office releases in both languages moving forward.

The Hispanic network additions were the result of Comcast's analog-to-digital project, known internally as "Project Cavalry," that has reclaimed bandwidth for additional services and more channel choices.

Comcast's goal is to have Project Cavalry wrapped up in 80 percent of its systems nationwide by the end of this year.

The new Hispanic offerings came under Comcast's Xfinity branding effort that was announced earlier this year.