ClearAccess now has its TR-069 remote management software running on Broadcom DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem gateway platforms.

Remote management of home networks remains a challenge for service providers. The telco part of the communications industry took the lead on developing a set of management standards and practices – TR-069 – that were designed from the get-go to be technology agnostic, as suitable for DOCSIS as any other platform.

TR-069 was designed not only for remote management of gateways, but also to provide visibility into applications running on devices connected to home and small business networks.

The ClearAccess client software has already been deployed in DSL and fiber markets, but the company said several unidentified "major cable operators" have decided to deploy it.

Joel Pennington, senior director of business development at ClearAccess. "The migration from basic cable modems to Wi-Fi routers and the desire for further broadband offering differentiation has been an accelerator for cable deployments this year."

The ClearAccess client software now operates with the Broadcom reference software platform and is available to cable OEMs as value-added software, the company said. When combined with the ClearVision Management and Applications Platform, the software enables cable MSOs to better manage and support the subscriber experience, as well as deploy new applications such as managed Wi-Fi and firewall, whole-home parental controls, and home network bandwidth optimization.

"We believe advanced TR-069 manageability will change the way cable MSOs manage and deliver a rich new set of applications to their subscribers," said Brian Wheeler, senior product line manager at Broadcom.

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