Responding to complaints that many of today's most advanced consumer devices cannot be used easily by those with various disabilities, the Consumer Electronics Association is forming a working group to develop standards for enhanced accessibility features in video devices.

The group is going to start with remote controls for TVs, various video recorders (presumably including DVRs) and audio systems that would connect with TVs.

The new group will operate within the CEA's Video Systems Committee and will be called R4 WG19. The group said it will develop standards and guidelines focused on enhanced accessibility features in video devices, providing direction for product implementations that benefit the accessibility community and consumer electronics manufacturers.

The CEA said it is seeking participation in the working group by designers, engineers, manufacturers, users with disabilities and accessibility design specialists.

Further projects may include other standards surrounding accessibility issues in video devices – features critically important to consumers with visual or auditory impairments, for example.

For more information, or to join the R4 WG19 working group, contact Alayne Bell.

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