Zito Media is upgrading its network with Juniper edge routers. Zito is using broadband stimulus money to build a network that will support underserved communities in its service area, which covers parts of New York, northern Pennsylvania and western Ohio.

With Juniper's MX80 Universal Edge Routers, Zito plans to provide IP services, including VPLS, EPL, EVPL, IP transit and hosted VoIP.

"As we looked into upgrading our infrastructure to provide a multitude of advanced services, we needed a solution that would allow us to reach underserved communities," said Chad Gist, vice president of IP networks at Zito Media. "Juniper's MX80 solution exceeded our expectations by offering a feature-rich platform at a very attractive price point."

Zito began the construction of this network through the interconnection of a number of small cable systems in rural Pennsylvania. Recently, Zito was awarded a federal grant by the Department of Commerce through its National Telecommunications and Information Administration's Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP).

This funding will allow Zito to expand its offering from the 15 communities it currently serves to an additional 18 communities.

The MX80 enables Zito to scale a 10 Gigabit IP/MPLS backbone as subscriber demand rises and offer a full range of IP services, including voice, video and data services to residential customers, as well as businesses, hospitals, schools, public safety agencies and other community organizations.

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