Time Warner Cable has bowed a new converged service, called VoiceZone, in its Carolinas region that allows digital phone subscribers to access and monitor their phone service through their PC or Mac computers.

Through their computers, customers can change their call settings, set up caller ID, access voicemail, block calls and set distinctive ring tones. The service is free to digital phone subscribers.

"In today's busy world, many people's schedules keep them away from home," says Mike Smith, area vice president, Time Warner Cable, Charlotte. "Gone are the days of missing an important call. With VoiceZone a person doesn't have to be home to manage, control or access their Digital Phone service. The launch of VoiceZone is one more way we can give customers control in ways that are simple and easy."

VoiceZone features Visual Voicemail, which allows users to view a list of voicemail messages, listen to them on the computer, delete unwanted messages, send home voicemail messages to e-mail and save or download messages.

With Caller ID on PC a subscriber can see the number of the person who is calling their digital home phone on any computer with Internet access. Customers can use Distinctive Ring Tones to identify incoming calls.  

Other features include, Selective Call Forward to redirect specific phone numbers to a different number and Selective Call Blocking, which can block or reject calls based on a specified list of call block numbers.

Time Warner Cable Carolinas provides video, Internet and telephone services to more than 2.1 million residential and business customers in more than 400 cities and towns across North and South Carolina. 

Time Warner Cable was one of the first cable operators to deploy a caller ID on TV service. In June 2005, TWC rolled out a Caller ID on TV service in its Columbia, S.C., system. In September of the same year, the MSO launched the service in its New York division.

Converged services have proven to be an effective means of reducing churn among cable operators and other service providers.

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