The video network monitoring group at Tektronix, which was formerly Mixed Signals prior to its purchase by Tektronix, has formed a technical advisory board.

Tektronix said the board was designed to provide guidance and counsel to management and engineering teams as they continue developing the company's line of products that enable video service providers to identify, diagnose and repair video and audio errors that can impact the viewing experience.

The board will meet regularly and is made up of a cross-section of employees from many of the nation's largest cable television operators.

Initial members of the board are:

  • Sean Baker, corporate director of digital systems at Bright House Networks
  • Celio DaCosta, senior director of digital video services at Comcast
  • Keith Hayes, vice president of network operations and engineering services at Charter Communications
  • John Heinz, manager of digital video at Suddenlink
  • Phillip Millwater, director of the New Jersey inside plant at Cablevision
  • Carolyn Terry, vice president of headend engineering at Time Warner Cable

"We work daily with top people in the cable industry who give us great feedback, but formalizing a relationship with our technical advisory board members gives us a collaborative forum that provides unique benefits," said Eric Conley, vice president of video network monitoring at Tektronix. "We look forward to discussing the future of monitoring together with the board's insight and guidance to ensure that our solutions continue to address our customers' ever-changing needs and requirements."

Tektronix purchased Mixed Signals in May.

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