Rentrak has arranged to offer third-party consumer purchasing data that could help its advertiser customers target their ads more effectively.

Rentrak reached an agreement with Experian Simmons to be able to offer the Experian's national and local consumer purchase propensity data. Rentrak will integrate that data with its own national and local viewership measurement services, TV Essentials and StationView Essentials.

The combination, Rentrak said, will allow advertisers to identify specific products and brands that viewers consume, including those that may not currently advertise on TV.

"Our relationship with Experian Simmons and their ability to supply buying propensity overlays with Rentrak's national and local TV metrics is a major step forward for the advertising industry," commented Rentrak CEO Bill Livek. "Leveraging direct marketing discipline of combining powerful information databases, advertisers can better reach their targets; networks and stations can attract new advertisers; and consumers will see messages and offers that are more relevant to them, thus benefitting all parties in the advertising ecosystem."

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