Draka Communications Americas has added a lighter-weight, smaller diameter, more cost-effective optical cable created specifically for use in short pole-to-pole span distances.

The company's new Ultra Light cable is a new addition to its All-Dielectric Self Support (ADSS) product line.

Ultra Light ADSS, available up to 30 fibers, can reach maximum span distances of 430 feet in NESC Light weather loading.

Ultra Light ADSS is fully compliant and tested to industry requirements such as IEEE1222, RUS 7 CFR 1755, ICEA640 and Telcordia GR20, Draka said. In addition to aerial self-support requirements, Ultra Light ADSS is fully compliant with standard all-dielectric duct cable applications.

The new cable is available with Draka's line of optical fibers, such as enhanced single-mode fiber, bend-insensitive single-mode fibers (BendBright, BendBright-XS and BendBright-Elite), long-distance fibers (TeraLight Ultra and NZDSF-LA) and multi-mode fibers.

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