Apple's App Store has approved a new version of the Fring VoIP app, which allows for unrestricted video calling over Wi-Fi or a 3G connection.

Fring has already enabled video calling over 3G on Android and Nokia phones. The latest iPhone app will allow iPhone 4 users to video call anyone across different mobile platforms, including iPhone 0S3 (one-way video), iPhone 4, Android and Nokia (Symbian 60).

In addition to unrestricted two-way video calls for iOS4 on iPhone 3GS and 4, the latest Fring version for iPhone 4 also includes multitasking, which allows Fring to run in the background even as other iPhone services/apps run so users are alerted to new video calls, chat or Fring calls without proactively opening Fring.

The new app also features a new social stream, which aggregates a chronological stream of tweets, Facebook updates, chats and calls in one place.

Many thought that approval of third-party 3G video calling would be a hard sell at Apple, as Apple is traditionally cagey with apps that duplicate the native functionality of its devices. In this case, Fring is doubling up on the company's recently released FaceTime application, a video calling application that comes integrated with the iPhone 4's core functionality.

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