Clearwire has launched its Clear WiMAX service in central Washington, D.C., and in Kansas City, Kan., and has expanded to cover all of Baltimore, one of its first test markets.

Clearwire’s majority owner Sprint will begin reselling Clear in Kansas City immediately. Time Warner Cable, an investor in the WiMAX provider, will start reselling Clear under its Road Runner Mobile brand in Kansas City in July.

TWC plans to make Business Class Mobile available by mid-July. Subscribers to Road Runner Mobile and Business Class Mobile can get speeds up to 6 Mbps. In areas where 4G WiMAX is not available, subscribers can access Sprint’s 3G network. Bundling discounts will also be available.

USB data cards will allow users to connect to 4G and 3G networks via laptop computers, while hotspot devices can connect multiple Wi-Fi-enabled devices over a single shared connection at 4G speeds. Mobile Internet devices and laptops provisioned with embedded WiMAX radio chipsets can also use the service.

Clearwire said WiMAX is available in central Washington, D.C., but that it plans to extend its coverage to surrounding areas in the months ahead.

Other markets that Clearwire has vowed to cover by the end of the year include New York City, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, Denver, Minneapolis, Miami, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

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