With 3-D promising to be the hot new TV technology, SMPTE is going to hold a conference on the subject July 13-14 in New York City.

The SMPTE International Conference on Stereoscopic 3-D for Media and Entertainment will offer fresh, new scientific perspectives about the next generation of 3-D acquisition, conversion, transmission and display technologies.

“This is the first and only scientific conference to focus solely on the critical technologies needed for widespread and sustained 3-D adoption,” said Pete Lude, SMPTE executive vice president and conference program chair. “It’s information critical to media and entertainment CTOs and chief engineers as they make their long-term capital investments in 3-D.”

Conference topics will include how to acquire 3-D images without expensive mirror rigs, why some 2-D-to-3-D conversions look great and others do not, if broadcasters will have to run a cable for each eye to transmit 3-D images effectively, and when consumers can finally get rid of their 3-D glasses.

Registration is open now.

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