The SCTE, which has been taking the lead on the greening of cable, is looking to develop standards and recommended practices for energy management and related topics.

The organization has formed a Sustainability Management Subcommittee (SMS), created in conjunction with its Smart Energy Management Initiative (SEMI).

The new subcommittee aims to leverage the existing operations expertise of the SCTE Standards Program, as well as proven procedures from the energy management and recycling sectors. The subcommittee will be responsible for identifying best practices for reducing power consumption and costs, increasing operating efficiency and minimizing disposal effects of outdated equipment, the SCTE said.

An organizational meeting of the Sustainability Management Subcommittee will be conducted in early September. Existing and new members of the SCTE Standards Program – most notably those who are experts in energy management solutions – are invited and encouraged to attend.

“Taking steps to better use and reuse our resources is vitally important to the long-term success of the cable industry,” said Jerry Parkins, chair of the SCTE’s Engineering Committee and director of technology and standards for Comcast. “As we move into this new area of focus, we believe that there is tremendous value in making it possible to complement the existing knowledge base of the SCTE Standards Program with subject matter experts from outside of the industry.”

The September meeting is intended to establish projects and associated working groups. Initial topics under consideration for further work include:

  • Best practices for facilities management in the area of energy utilization, including tools for estimating usage and potential savings
  • Standards or guidelines for the design of equipment for use in facilities, including data centers, in areas such as air venting
  • The use of a management systems standard such as the upcoming ISO 50001, Energy management systems – Requirements with guidance, possibly with industry-specific content
  • Standards or recommended practices for fleet management and related outside plant activities
  • Recommended practices for recycling CPE

Members of the SCTE Standards Program are encouraged to submit suggestions for additional work topics. Organizations that are not members of the SCTE Standards Program are encouraged to join the program to work with key stakeholders. Further information is available online.

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