Rovi has established a new advertising network that is going to sell ad placements in its program guides.

The Rovi Advertising Network bundles guide advertising on the Rovi ad platform and third-party interactive TV platforms, the company said.

Rovi Ad Network enables marketers to launch, manage and measure campaigns across leading interactive TV platforms in up to 15.8 million U.S. households currently.

Rovi said its Ad Network aggregates advertising units across multiple guide platforms – its own and others. When combined with the distribution of Rovi technology through third parties, Rovi reaches more than 30 million households in North America.

The ad placements could take multiple forms, including standard portals, video portals and dynamic portals designed to provide an immersive consumer experience, as well as static banners, long- and short-form video content, graphics, text, interactive content and microsites. The company said such portals can link to direct purchase, response and consumption right from the guide.

“Often used an average of eight times and 10 minutes daily, Rovi guides offer advertisers a way to reach engaged and active consumers,” said Corey Ferengul, executive vice president of product management and marketing at Rovi. “The Rovi Advertising Network brings together guides from multiple sources. This simplifies the process for advertisers by allowing them to apply their campaigns against a broader distribution and reach multiple types of TV viewers, transcending time-shifting, while also working with a single partner.”

The various types of portals were explained by Rovi this way:

  • Standard Portal: Consumers can record, set a reminder, watch content, or learn more about a product or promotion.
  • Video Portal: Consumers can click on the interactive banner by the guide, leading directly to video content or links to VOD folders on other cable platforms for deeper audience engagement.
  • Dynamic Portal: Consists of video, graphics, text, programming and/or interactive content, offering consumers a variety of content choices accessed directly from an interactive banner by the guide, differentiating product and enhancing the consumer experience with a variety of user-driven content choices.
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