Phoenix NAP said today that 10 network carriers are using its datacenter and network access point to provision their services.

Phoenix NAP credited its carrier-neutral, public-peering approach for the datacenter's success.

"The high-density colocation solutions we offer are great for meeting clients' space and power needs, but to truly be a next-generation datacenter and network access point, the connectivity has to be there. We are excited to already have a number of carriers offering their services out of our facility, giving clients options when it comes to which ones they want to utilize," said Ian McClarty, president of Phoenix NAP.

Currently, Level 3 Communications, Global Crossing, Cogent Communications, Internap, Cox Business, tw telecom, AGL Networks, AboveNet, Cavecreek Wholesale Internet Exchange and TruCom are offering transit or transport services out of Phoenix NAP, with additional carrier providers expected to join.

Phoenix NAP has 148,000 square feet of raised-floor datacenter space supported by divergent network feeds. It combines medium-voltage power distribution delivered by four 10-megawatt feeds running along diverse paths from the electrical substation, N+1 Cummins backup generators, S&C PureWave UPS systems and McQuay Modular Central Plants to promote concurrent maintainability.

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