Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks and Comcast have also jumped on the opportunity to broadcast the Coke Zero 400 Nascar race in 3-D on July 3.

Earlier this week, Turner Sports announced it would be providing the 3-D feed online and through DirecTV.

The video will include one feed edited together from cameras placed around the track, and a second feed will cover the pit crews.

On the broadcast side, most 3-D events to date have made use of RealD's 3-D technology to render the video in three dimensions (e.g., The Masters golf tournament).

The 3-D presentation of the Coke Zero 400 online will reportedly be the first event to make use of the 3-D version of Microsoft's Silverlight 3D Vision streaming video player. The 3-D version of Silverlight was co-developed with Nvidia specifically for 3-D PCs and notebooks.

The online presentation, available on Nascar's website, will include pre-rolls with telescoping ads, said to be a first time that's been done with a 3-D event.

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