After this fall, CTIA will relocate its fall trade show outside of San Francisco because of the city's decision to pass an ordinance requiring retailers to disclose the specific absorption rates (SARs) emitted by cell phones at the point of sale.

"[The] board of supervisors' action has led us to decide to relocate our show," said CTIA vice president of public affairs John Walls. "We are disappointed to announce that the 2010 CTIA Enterprise and Applications show in October will be the last one we have in San Francisco for the foreseeable future."

CTIA says it already has been contacted by several other cities that would like to host the organization's show, which the association says brings $80 million to the Bay Area economy. CTIA has hosted its fall show in San Francisco five times in the past seven years.

San Francisco's board of supervisors voted 10-1 to require businesses to disclose a phone's SAR, which is the amount of radiation emitted by a device. The city's mayor is backing the measure and is expected to sign it within 10 days.

Board President David Chiu could not be reached for comment on CTIA's decision by press time. CTIA was unavailable for further comment.

The association said the ordinance will potentially mislead consumers with point of sale requirements suggesting some phones are "safer" than others based on RF emissions. All phones sold legally in the United States must comply with the FCC's safety standards for RF emissions.

"The scientific evidence does not support point of sale requirements that would suggest some compliant phones are 'safer' than other compliant phones based on RF emissions," CTIA said.

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