Comcast has tabbed NDS to be the prime integrator of the cable operator’s tru2way software integration project that uses the CableLabs’ tru2way Reference Implementation (RI).

With the agreement, NDS’ Professional Services Group will help Comcast with set-top box testing, code development and success validation for the integration of tru2way applications and services.

According to recent filings, Comcast currently has OCAP enabled in 90 percent of its footprint.

NDS said it would provide Comcast with services that optimize CableLabs’ RI stack, enabling uniform and reliable porting to tru2way set-top boxes. The end result will be that Comcast can run the same applications and services across multiple models of set-top boxes, offering a consistent user experience for subscribers and providing the company with the freedom to use a variety of hardware platforms. 

A spokeswoman for Comcast said this morning that it hasn’t announced hardware vendors for the tru2way set-top box deployments.

The NDS team will work to build the RI testing tool, implement the tests against the different set-top boxes, develop code and assist in fixing any issues.

“We are committed to the CableLabs Reference Implementation and its deployment on tru2way devices,” said Mark Hess, senior vice president of advanced business and technology development at Comcast. “NDS has tremendous experience in working with video operators around the world and has proven their ability to offer reliable, timely and highly competent solutions as an integrations partner. We’re eager to begin our work together to enhance the RI, which will help advance the industry’s adoption of tru2way, while also enabling us to bring our customers interactive services.”

NDS also worked with Cox Communications on its new Trio guide, which included elements of tru2way.

Cox and NDS also recently extended their professional services and integration agreement through 2012.

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