BendBroadband has extended the reach of its PerfTech messaging platform to its wireless customers.

Earlier this year, BendBroadband launched its HSPA+ wireless Internet service, including fixed-modem wireless and USB-enabled mobile wireless access. Both types of wireless subscribers are now able to receive the provider's in-browser customer communications.

"Our deployment of the nation's first HSPA+ wireless network not only expands our presence into rural central Oregon, it also provides best-of-breed mobile broadband access to both wireless and wired customers," said BendBroadband President and CEO Amy Tykeson. "Since 2006, we have relied on the PerfTech platform to deliver time-sensitive information to subscribers directly via the browser. Extending the PerfTech technology to our wireless customers provides for continuity and consistency in our messaging across the entire network – a signature item that is important to us."

By using PerfTech's messaging platform, BendBroadband is able to reach its browsing subscribers with virus alerts, usage notices, modem upgrades and other service issues.

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